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Fast fence installation, using our petrol post drivers.                                                                                           Have a look at our videos, to see how your work can be made easier.


This video shows how a wooden post is driven into the soil.
No use of concrete or stabilized sand, which are disadvantageous for the durability
of your fence.

Install your fence in 1 day...
using our post driver, a job done with ease. This video shows metal posts being driven into the soil.

Fast & cheaper.  Can be used on any terrain - whether the terrain is flat or inclined.

Why use bigger machines, which are hard to manoeuvre, needlessly tamping the soil?



Installing a fence with ease.  Fast and simple.
Our post drivers handle the job.

Installing ground anchors, quicker with our post driver, then using a hammer.



Installing ground anchors or posts on asphalt.

With our petrol post driver, you just drive them through the asphalt.

The post driver is very mobile & relatively light. 



Installing a fence or flag mast on a paved parking lot.  Indeed, you can take out the pavement, on the place where you need to install.  

But it can also be done this way…. simply install the ground anchors using our post drivers.

When driving wooden posts in a hard soil, the combination of earth auger & post driver is ideal.